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Module name:    ports
Changes by:  2017/01/13 10:26:41

Log message:
    Import reprepro 5.1.1 from MAINTAINER Donovan Watteau
    reprepro is a tool to manage a repository of Debian packages.
    It stores files either being injected manually or downloaded from some other
    repository (partially) mirrored into one pool/ hierarchy.
    Managed packages and files are stored in a Berkeley DB, so no database 
    is needed.
    Checking signatures of mirrored repositories and creating signatures of the
    generated Package indices is supported.
    ok jca@ on a previous version
    Vendor Tag: dwatteau
    Release Tags:       landry_20170113
    N ports/misc/reprepro/Makefile
    N ports/misc/reprepro/distinfo
    N ports/misc/reprepro/patches/patch-docs_reprepro_1
    N ports/misc/reprepro/patches/patch-uploaderslist_c
    N ports/misc/reprepro/pkg/DESCR
    N ports/misc/reprepro/pkg/PLIST
    No conflicts created by this import

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