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    Import www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS.
    JavaScript::Minifier::XS is a JavaScript "minifier"; its designed to remove
    un-necessary whitespace and comments from JavaScript files, which also not
    breaking the JavaScript.
    JavaScript::Minifier::XS is similar in function to JavaScript::Minifier, 
but is
    substantially faster as its written in XS and not just pure Perl.
    OK and input from sthen@, also OK benoit@, robert@
    Vendor Tag: pirofti
    Release Tags:       pirofti_20170519
    N ports/www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS/Makefile
    N ports/www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS/distinfo
    N ports/www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS/pkg/DESCR
    N ports/www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS/pkg/PLIST
    No conflicts created by this import

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