CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:  2017/08/08 04:15:12

Modified files:
        www/mozilla    : 

Log message:
Gecko 55 assorted changes.

- remove ONLY_FOR_ARCHS, it doesn't work in a module
- default EXTRACT_SUFX to .tar.xz
- bump nss requirement to 3.32 (technically, 55 requires 3.31, but 56
will require 3.32..)
- bump nspr requirement to 4.16 (yadada yadada 4.15)
- bump sqlite requirement to 3.19.3
- remove junk from powerpc days, the boat has sailed
- ditch --enable-gio, its enabled by default, and now errors out as an
unknown option with the new build system
- ditch junk for xulrunner, WRKDIST is always the same now
- ditch pre-configure target, it's useless now

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