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    import virt-what-1.18
    virt-what is a shell script which can be used to detect if the program
    is running in a virtual machine.
    virt-what supports a very large number of different hypervisor types,
    including common open source hypervisors (KVM, Xen, QEMU, VirtualBox,
    VMM), mainframe systems like IBM Systemz, LPAR, z/VM, hardware
    partitioning schemes like Hitachi Virtage, proprietary hypervisors like
    VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and much more.
    patches to add support for detecting vmm were merged upstream already
    ok landry@
    Vendor Tag: jasper
    Release Tags:       jasper_20171008
    N ports/sysutils/virt-what/distinfo
    N ports/sysutils/virt-what/Makefile
    N ports/sysutils/virt-what/pkg/PLIST
    N ports/sysutils/virt-what/pkg/DESCR
    N ports/sysutils/virt-what/patches/patch-virt-what_in
    No conflicts created by this import

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