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    Import buku 3.2
    buku is a command-line utility to store, tag, search and organize bookmarks.
    * Lightweight, clean interface
    * Text editor integration
    * Fetch page title, add tags and comments
    * Multiple search modes (e.g. deep, regex)
    * Continuous search at prompt, on the fly mode switch
    * Open bookmarks and search results in browser
    * Import/export in HTML (FF, Chrome compatible) or Markdown
    * Shorten and expand URLs
    * Smart tag editing with >>, > or << symbols at prompt
    * Password protection (manual)
    * Portable, merge-able database to sync between systems
    * Multithreaded full DB refresh
    * Shell completion scripts, man page with examples
    OK juanfra@
    Vendor Tag: feinerer
    Release Tags:       feinerer_20170810
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