CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:   2017/10/10 08:57:06

Modified files:
        lang/go-bootstrap: Makefile distinfo 
        lang/go-bootstrap/pkg: PLIST 
Removed files:
        lang/go-bootstrap/patches: patch-src_time_time_test_go 

Log message:
Switch lang/go-bootstrap to use the go1.4 release tarball.

Upstream is providing a tarball of the release-branch.go1.4 git branch,
which contains minor fixes to keep Go 1.4 building on current platforms.
Most of the patches that we currently have for lang/go-bootstrap have
now been committed upstream.

The current go1.4 release tarball contains one of the patches and most of
the remaining patches will be removed when a new release tarball becomes

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