CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:   2018/02/23 02:54:25

Modified files:
        lang/ruby/2.3/patches: patch-ext_openssl_openssl_missing_h 
        lang/ruby/2.4/patches: patch-ext_openssl_openssl_missing_h 
        lang/ruby/2.5/patches: patch-ext_openssl_openssl_missing_h 
Added files:
        lang/ruby/2.3/patches: patch-ext_openssl_extconf_rb 
        lang/ruby/2.4/patches: patch-ext_openssl_extconf_rb 
        lang/ruby/2.5/patches: patch-ext_openssl_extconf_rb 

Log message:
Better fix. It was actually X509_STORE_get_ex_new_index that we don't
have, but Ruby was guarding this by a single function check for
X509_STORE_set_ex_data. In most cases they are doing nice checks in
extconf.rb for the exact function so convert to doing the same here.

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