CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:   2018/03/12 15:17:27

Modified files:
        editors/nano   : Makefile distinfo 
        editors/nano/patches: patch-doc_nano_1 patch-src_Makefile_in 
        editors/nano/pkg: PLIST 

Log message:
Update to 2.9.4.

Improvements since 2.9.0:
- A key can be bound to a string -- any mix of text and commands.
- Error messages are shown by default in bright white on red.
- <Tab> and <Shift+Tab> can be used to indent/unindent a marked region.
- Can snip trailing whitespace while typing, with 'set trimblanks'.
- The ability to record and replay a series of keystrokes (a macro).
- Assigned functions to ^S (save file) and ^Q (start backward search).
- Indenting and unindenting have been integrated into the undo system.
- Support for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME for the nanorc file, and $XDG_DATA_HOME
for the history files (of search strings and cursor positions).

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