CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:  2018/03/13 13:29:35

Modified files:
        www/mozilla-firefox: Makefile distinfo 
        www/mozilla-firefox/patches: patch-intl_icu_source_Makefile_in 
        www/mozilla-firefox/pkg: PLIST README 
        www/firefox-i18n: distinfo 

Log message:
Update to firefox 59.0.


- Selfhost the source tarball temporarly until bug #1432591 is fixed
- add show-commit convenience target
- use bundled cairo, system cairo is broken and the option to build
against a it is being removed in #1432751
- remove version from the install dir (per #445128)
- in the README, remove now useless section about e10s (it's enabled by
default) and replace it by a section explaining how to enable GL
compositing and WebRender.

Note that backporting it to 6.2 might not be possible. Currently hacking
various options.

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