CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:   2018/04/06 05:56:47

Modified files:
        net/dhcpcd     : Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 Makefile distinfo 
        net/dhcpcd/pkg : Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 dhcpcd.rc 
Removed files:
        net/dhcpcd/patches: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 patch-src_dhcpcd_c 
                            patch-src_if-bsd_c patch-src_if-linux_c 

Log message:
update to dhcpcd 7.0.3 (rolling in segfault fixed patched locally, plus
other fixes);

dhcpcd-7.0.0, 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 are vulnerable to the DHCP6 issue where the
message is copied from the DHCP6 option into a buffer, but is NULL terminated
beyond the size of the buffer.
dhcpcd-6 is not vulnerable.

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