CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:    2018/04/08 02:29:22

Modified files:
        www/kcaldav    : Makefile distinfo 
        www/kcaldav/patches: patch-Makefile patch-kcaldav_passwd_in_1 
        www/kcaldav/pkg: PLIST README 
Added files:
        www/kcaldav/patches: patch-kcaldav_c 
Removed files:
        www/kcaldav/patches: patch-delete_c patch-dynamic_c patch-get_c 
                             patch-options_c patch-principal_c 
                             patch-property_c patch-propfind_c 
                             patch-proppatch_c patch-put_c 
                             patch-resource_c patch-util_c 

Log message:
Update kcaldav to 0.1.6, unbreaking it after the last www/kcgi update.
Patch by Aaron Poffenberger (MAINTAINER)
ok landry@

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