CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:  2018/04/11 10:28:10

Modified files:
        lang/ruby/2.3  : Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 Makefile distinfo 
        lang/ruby/2.3/patches: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 patch-configure 
        lang/ruby/2.3/pkg: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 PLIST-ri_docs 
        lang/ruby/2.4  : Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 Makefile distinfo 
        lang/ruby/2.4/patches: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 patch-configure 
        lang/ruby/2.4/pkg: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 PLIST-main PLIST-ri_docs 
        lang/ruby/2.5  : Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 Makefile distinfo 
        lang/ruby/2.5/patches: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 patch-compile_c 
                               patch-configure patch-include_ruby_ruby_h 
        lang/ruby/2.5/pkg: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 PLIST-ri_docs 
Removed files:
        lang/ruby/2.5/patches: Tag: OPENBSD_6_3 patch-prelude_c 

Log message:
Update to the latest versions of ruby: 2.5.1, 2.4.4, and 2.3.7.

This fixes the following CVEs: 2017-17742, 2018-6914, 2018-8777,
2018-8778, 2018-8779, and 2018-8780.

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