On Tue, 28 Nov 2023, Laurent Cheylus wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
> I have also WIP ports on OpenBSD-WIP
> Thanks for your work on Python ports, Laurent

Hi Laurent, my main goal of updating from spyder 4.x to 5.x should now be 
completed in the ports tree, but let me know if you spot any problems 
based on what has been committed vs. your previous work.

I'm not sure if you made ports for all of these to get spyder updated or 
for some other reason, but if there's something else you're working on 
(i.e. not spyder) then feel free to send it to ports for integration in 
the main tree.

I did notice a port for ruff on openbsd-wip. I think that would be very 
welcome in the main tree. And also a port for pyright might be useful too.


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