Landry Breuil wrote (2023-12-01 09:26 CET):
> hi,
> here's a quick port for, written in rust. untested yet
> but starts fine. since gomuks is half-broken, might aswell have a rust
> one..
> feedback welcome, oks too

It fell on its nose pretty fast here.

===>  Extracting for iamb-0.0.8
[modcargo] moving crates to 
[modcargo] Removing libsrc for onig_sys-69.8.1
[modcargo] Replacing libsrc for ring-0.16.20
cp: /usr/local/share/ring-0.16.20: No such file or directory
*** Error 1 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ 
'_post-extract-finalize': @echo "[modcargo] moving crates to /usr/ports/pobj...)
*** Error 2 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ 
'/usr/ports/pobj/iamb-0.0.8/.extract_done': @cd /usr/ports/net/iamb && PKGPA...)
*** Error 2 in /usr/ports/net/iamb 
(/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ 'all': @lock=iamb-0.0.8;  export 
_LOCKS_HELD=" iamb-0.0.8"...)

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