Port for Texas Instruments MSP430 debugging interface library.
It can be used by devel/mspdebug to program an MSP MCU through
a supported programming tool.  However devel/mspdebug does not
depend on libmsp430 to be functional.

I think this port is still not ok to commit; these issues must
be solved first:

(1) It uses several licenses, most free (MIT, BSD, Unlicense),
    except for one, that I am not certain of.  The source file
    is distributed with an HTML manifest file (attached), that
    contains the "TI Texas File", a limited license from Texas
    Instruments (aka TI).  But other sources (as the changelog
    at homepage) say it is licensed under the "TI TSPA".  I am
    not sure which license is the correct one, or whether they
    permit distribution of binaries not provided by TI itself.

(2) TI distributes the library under the name "MSP Debug Stack
    Open Source Package" (or MSPDS).  Other systems package it
    as "msp430-debug-stack" (FreeBSD) or "mspds" (Arch Linux).
    I chose "libmsp430" because that's it what the port builds
    and installs (with its header files): `libmsp430.so`.

(3) The library finds a serial device matching an attached USB
    device with known vendor and product ID.  In order to find
    both usb(4) device and ucom(4) port, I wrote a patch which
    uses the `usb_device_info` structure and the new sysctl(2)
    `hw.ucomnames` MIB (added in OpenBSD 7.4).  It's the first
    time I use both interfaces, so I ask to review it.

I cannot set myself as maintainer.  I do not have access to an
MSP MCU or its programmer tools forever.  I am working with an
experimenter board (MSP-EXP430FR5969) at day job.  It is owned
by the company, so I do not have free access to it to test and
patch the port for much time.

Attached are the port tarball and manifest file with licenses.

Port homepage: http://www.ti.com/tool/MSPDS


                                              -- Lucas de Sena

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