We are in release mode, with 4.4 just around the corner. This means
that from now, no more commits to ports unless they are VERY urgent -
such as fixing a broken dependency, high impact security issue, etc,
and they must be explicitly approved.

Every commit from now on must have an OK by pvalchev@, espie@ or
naddy@ - email all 3 of us and describe why you think your patch must
make it in the release. If you don't have a strong argument and are
hesitant, please just wait until after the release.

We really need the tree to stabilise and ask people to spend their
energy on testing snapshots and finding real bugs at this point.

I want to strongly emphasize that if you have any doubts about whether
to suggest a patch for inclusion, then it can wait until after the
release. In a few days, we'll actually lock the tree (zero commits)
and final release builds will commence. Until then, we want to focus
on showstoppers and not routine changes/additions.

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