As you may have noticed, we imported a new x11/gnome3 directory in ports
a few days ago. This is a working/staging area for the ongoing GNOME3
work. A README.gnome3 is provided for people who want to start testing
GNOME3. We have been working a lot on the infrastructure and low level
dependencies and now we can start moving on.

Note that if you want to play with it, you'll have to build all your
packages from ports, do not use binary packages or you will most
probably run into weird failures.
We expect to have most of the pieces ready to play with within a week or

However there are currently 2 big showstoppers (which are being worked
* gnome-shell: this depends on a new clutter-gtk which currently
segfaults in Mesa
* py-gobject: it cannot import GLib from gobject-introspection which
prevents several updates to be enabled (gedit-plugins, gnome-tweak-tools

If all goes well, our current plan is to merge x11/gnome3 into the
regular hierarchy _after_ 5.0 is branched so that GNOME3 should be
available starting from OpenBSD 5.1. That would probably happen around
next September when at this time, gnome-3.2 should be available.

If do you experience issues, please make sure you have the latest ports 
from CVS before reporting any problems. Development is currently very 
active and hectic so your issue may have been fixed already.
If you have any question or want to give feedback, please do not spam
ports@ but directly contact ajacoutot@ and jasper@.

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