I was playing little bit with Opera 12.11 and on updated linux emulation
libraries. It works great for the most part. I am having troubles on
OpenBSD foo.my.domain 5.2 GENERIC.MP#107 i386

with cleaning private data. I can reliably reproduce the crash. The
message is 

linux: syscall epoll_create is obsolete or not implemented

The same thing happens if I want to turn off page caching and turn of 
"remember content on visited pages" from History (advanced preferences).
This things used to work on earlier version with mp kernel. HTML5 is
also a bit problematic (not that is very useful anyway due to non
existing alsa support infrastructure). I got a few times sh.core but I
forgot to run gdb. I will post next time when it crashes. I have not
played with Opera mail client which used to be very problematic (not
using it for e-mail but useful for RSS feeds).

Is linux emulation now good enough for things like Acroread 9.0 or
above. Are there any plans to update Acroread? I have a very few uses
for Acroread but there are some pdf forms and some pdf files which
include JavaScript that could use Acroread.

Thanks to all the developers involved in linux emulation and porting
related software.


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