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> 6 décembre 2015 12:20 "Daniel Jakots" <vigdis+o...@chown.me> a écrit:
>> On Sun, 06 Dec 2015 10:33:43 +0000, "Comète" <com...@daknet.org> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> i've set "Language=fr" in "~/.scratch.ini" but when i run scratch, i
>>> get a "File not found fr.po" window.
>>> I've printed the list of files in scratch package with "pkg_info -L
>>> scratch" and "fr.po" is present in:
>>> /usr/local/share/scratch/locale/
>>> Any idea ?
>> According to the README
>>> The following directories must be found in these locations, because 
>>> references to them are
>>> hard-coded within the Scratch.image (Squeak source code) file:
>>> /usr/share/scratch/Help - the help screen images, and the help html files.
>>> /usr/share/scratch/locale - translation .po files
>>> /usr/share/scratch/Media - image and sound files bundled with Scratch
>>> /usr/share/scratch/Projects - sample projects bundled with Scratch
>> so there's an obvious dirty fix. A better fix would be to patch the
>> Scratch.image (but I don't know if it's possible as I don't know
>> squeak).
>>> Thanks a lot
> sorry, i didn't see this part... A simple symbolic link was indeed the 
> solution, a bit dirty but my son is happy with it ;)
> Thanks again
> Morgan

Hi, what link did you make to fix the problem?

Problem is dirs hardcoded into the Scratch image.
This can be fixed by hand; I haven't found a way to do it automatically.
Attached is Smalltalk code and instructions.


Adjust Scratch to find language, example and help files.

$ mkdir myscratch && cd myscratch
$ cp /path/to/scratchadj.cs .
$ cp /usr/local/share/scratch/Scratch.image .
$ cp /usr/local/share/scratch/changes/Scratch.changes .
$ chmod u+w Scratch.image Scratch.changes
$ squeak Scratch.image

* Shift-click in the upper-right part of the "R" in the Scratch logo to bring 
up a menu
* Select "turn fill screen off"
* Click to the right of the Scratch frame to bring up World menu
* Select "open..." then "workspace" to bring up a Workspace
* Type in: (FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'scratchadj.cs') fileIn
* Press Alt-d to 'DoIt'
* Close the Workspace by clicking the "X" in the titlebar of the Workspace 
* Select "No" when prompted to save changes
* Shift-click in the upper-right part of the "R" in the Scratch logo to bring 
up a menu
* Select "save image for end user"
* Select "Yes" when prompted to save

$ rm Scratch.changes scratchadj.cs
$ chmod u-w Scratch.image

The image file is now adjusted and ready to use.
The changes file is optional.
The image file can be made read-only and placed elsewhere.

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