On Dec 06 14:26:00, h...@stare.cz wrote:
> This is the latest armv7 snapshot on a Beagle Bone Black (dmesg below),
> sysmerged - in particular, the dpb user accounts exist.
> The ports tree is current.
> Trying to build mail/mutt with dpb fails like this:
> # /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb mail/mutt
> Can't call method "enforce_local" on an undefined value at 
> /usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/Config.pm line 186.
> DPB::Config::parse_command_line(DPB::Config, DPB::State=HASH(0x4a24a3b0)) 
> called at /usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/State.pm line 182
> DPB::State::handle_options(DPB::State=HASH(0x4a24a3b0)) called at 
> /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb line 75
> The offending line is
>         $state->{log_user}->enforce_local;
> Is my dpb "log_user" somehow undefined?
> Manpage says that LOG_USER defaults to build_user.
> The same happens with any other pkgpath on this machine.
> Am I missing something obvious?

It is still there with the latest (Dec 7) snapshot,
sysmerged, with current ports.

# /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb -c `pkg_info -Paq`
Can't call method "enforce_local" on an undefined value at 
/usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/Config.pm line 186.
DPB::Config::parse_command_line(DPB::Config, DPB::State=HASH(0x493a77e0)) 
called at /usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/State.pm line 182
DPB::State::handle_options(DPB::State=HASH(0x493a77e0)) called at 
/usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb line 75

This happens with any pkgpath.

dpb(1) works like a charm everywhere else, but fails like this here.
(But it's hardly related to the arch, right?)

Am I missing something obvious?


OpenBSD 5.8-current (GENERIC) #157: Mon Dec  7 23:31:55 AEDT 2015
real mem  = 536870912 (512MB)
avail mem = 518381568 (494MB)
warning: no entropy supplied by boot loader
mainbus0 at root
cpu0 at mainbus0: ARM Cortex A8 R3 rev 2 (ARMv7 core)
cpu0: DC enabled IC enabled WB disabled EABT branch prediction enabled
cpu0: 32KB(64b/l,4way) I-cache, 32KB(64b/l,4way) wr-back D-cache
omap0 at mainbus0: TI AM335x BeagleBone
prcm0 at omap0 rev 0.2
sitaracm0 at omap0: control module, rev 1.0
intc0 at omap0 rev 5.0
edma0 at omap0 rev 0.0
dmtimer0 at omap0 rev 3.1
dmtimer1 at omap0 rev 3.1
omdog0 at omap0 rev 0.1
omgpio0 at omap0: rev 0.1
gpio0 at omgpio0: 32 pins
omgpio1 at omap0: rev 0.1
gpio1 at omgpio1: 32 pins
omgpio2 at omap0: rev 0.1
gpio2 at omgpio2: 32 pins
omgpio3 at omap0: rev 0.1
gpio3 at omgpio3: 32 pins
omap0: device tiiic unit 0 not configured
omap0: device tiiic unit 1 not configured
omap0: device tiiic unit 2 not configured
ommmc0 at omap0
sdmmc0 at ommmc0
ommmc1 at omap0
sdmmc1 at ommmc1
com0 at omap0: ti16750, 64 byte fifo
com0: console
cpsw0 at omap0: version 1.12 (0), address 90:59:af:82:2e:7e
ukphy0 at cpsw0 phy 2: Generic IEEE 802.3u media interface, rev. 1: OUI 
0x0001f0, model 0x000f
scsibus0 at sdmmc0: 2 targets, initiator 0
sd0 at scsibus0 targ 1 lun 0: <SD/MMC, Drive #01, > SCSI2 0/direct fixed
sd0: 30436MB, 512 bytes/sector, 62333952 sectors
scsibus1 at sdmmc1: 2 targets, initiator 0
sd1 at scsibus1 targ 1 lun 0: <SD/MMC, Drive #01, > SCSI2 0/direct fixed
sd1: 1832MB, 512 bytes/sector, 3751936 sectors
vscsi0 at root
scsibus2 at vscsi0: 256 targets
softraid0 at root
scsibus3 at softraid0: 256 targets
boot device: sd0
root on sd0a (27b56fcc41503b6a.a) swap on sd0b dump on sd0b

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