On Thursday 10 December 2015 17:50:20 Michael McConville wrote:
> Joel Sing wrote:
> > Thanks for clarlifying - we could still implement 'go get -d' as a way
> > of getting sources, but it would be more work than it is likely worth
> > (and there are also some issues surrounding which versions of the
> > dependencies get fetched).
> > 
> > I'll rework go.port.mk and the relevant packages using
> > /usr/local/go-pkg.
> Just to clarify, is /usr/local/go-pkg (or whatever else we end up
> calling the dir) going to be added to the default $GOPATH as a patch?
> Will it be suggested to the user in a post-install message? Or is this
> only for the port system, and users won't have access to the port
> dependencies?

I don't want to patch /usr/local/go-pkg into the default $GOPATH - that would 
likely create a bunch of "oh, why is it behaving like that" problems. We could 
tell people to add it to their Go path if they want to use it, but I'm tempted 
to only use it for port build dependencies and let non-ports builds stick with 
'go get'...

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