On 2016/09/15 23:59, Anthony J. Bentley wrote:
> From pkg/PLIST:
> share/doc/${FULLPKGNAME}/
> ...
> FULLPKGNAME incorporates REVISION and EPOCH, so this will break as soon
> as the package is bumped.

Please adjust the build to use a directory name without the version
number, e.g. share/doc/gnuradio.

> Aside from that, something weird is going on:
> $ gnuradio-companion
> Warning: restarting the docstring loader (crashed while loading 
> 'analog_agc2_xx')
> RuntimeError('boost::filesystem::status: File name too long: "\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf
> \xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf\xdf

When you see a bunch of 0xdf like this (also sometimes shows up as
ß), it's often a use-after-free or code not zeroing newly malloc()ed

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