On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 08:29:30PM +0000, Al Poole wrote:
> Hi all,
> Over the last six months there has been considerable effort in getting EFL
> and Enlightenment building and working well on OpenBSD.

Hi Al,

I updated e17 to 0.17.0 once because I wanted to play with it and because
Enlightenment is a cool project in my opinion. Updating the port took a
lot of my time and eventually I decided not to use e17. So now I have
zero motivation to do this again.

You're trying to convince me (or anyone else on this list, really) to do
that work again. But you're not even explaining why the new version is better.
You don't list any particular changes in Enlightenment which relate to OpenBSD,
neither here nor on your web site. You're not even linking a changelog.

What considerable effort was made? Where can we find out more?
You would be a much better messenger by highlighting in detail whatever
great changes Enlightenment made to better run on OpenBSD.

> Unfortunately I do not have the time to maintain a port myself, but I'd
> like to share the current situation and that is things are working good.
> I've made a helper page here which *should* cover most issues:
> http://enform.haxlab.org
> Am hoping someone will have the time and motivation for this.

If you are the person who needs this, then it's probably best if you tried
to do the job yourself. If you did that and got stuck somewhere, then you
could ask for help on this list. If you will instead spend your time on
writing a blog and asking others to do the bulk of the work, your time is
spent on wishful thinking.

I hope you will eventually conjure up motivation and come back with a diff :-)

> Thanks for all your good work.
> Cheers!

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