Solène Rapenne wrote:
On -current binaries now needs both wxallowed on their mountpoint AND have to 
be compiled with -wxneeded flag.

Maybe this has been backported to 6.0-stable ? I don't know where to look to check that. Maybe someone have a clue ?

As I run my system more, there are more and more w^x violations. Java 
especially. Luckily, it's not
stopping me from development, which is the main point of my OpenBSD machine. So 
maybe that -wxneeded change did
get backported into 6.0-stable.

I now find that a little Dell Inspiron running i386 which I set up in the same fashion (install/cvs source/build kernel/build world/pkg_add -u)
is exhibiting the same symptoms. All of which lends weight to Solène's thesis.

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