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> Hi,
> libsoldout is a flexible and extensible C library to parse mardown
> format. I have attached a port for it which is tested on amd64.
> Comments and tests are welcome, thanks.

The following points are addressed in the attached tarball:
- missing $OpenBSD$ marker in Makefile
- reorder Makefile to match Makefile.template (it really helps to have
  information always in the same place)
- upstream library versioning is void on OpenBSD.  Let's start at 0.0,
  and use ${LIBsoldout_VERSION} instead of $V (which can be dropped).
- also install mkd2html

There is at least one remaining concern: the headers should not be
installed in /usr/local/include, their name is too generic.  Maybe
/usr/local/include/soldout?  This is an issue you could discuss with
upstream.  Also, should all those headers be installed?  I suspect some
of them are internal only.

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