On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 17:46:20 +0200, Alexander Bluhm wrote:

> My idea of the p5-BSD-arc4random port in OpenBSD is to keep the API
> of the BSD::arc4random Perl module, but use our libc functions
> internally.  This has been done with BSD::arc4random::arc4random()
> a while ago, but BSD::arc4random::arc4random_bytes() and
> BSD::arc4random::arc4random_uniform() still use a pure Perl
> implementation.  I think that should be replaced with our
> arc4random_buf(3) and arc4random_uniform(3) in libc.

Using the libc interface instead of pure Perl makes the most sense
here.  That way improvements in the libc arc4random(3) propagate
to the Perl version automatically.

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 - todd

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