On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 12:15:14PM +0200, Solène Rapenne wrote:
>Hello, I permit to answer off-list
>I see that you want to bring some LISP to people, this is a good
>thing. I would like to help spreading common lisp. If you need help when
>working a the ecl port I would be happy to help you, I've been working
>on the sbcl port (it may have a threads flavor soon on OpenBSD) and I
>ported stumpwm (a x11 wm in common lisp).
>Ultimately, I would like to bring common lisp libraries in ports but
>actually I have no idea how it could be done. The BEST thing would be to
>have some kind of framework in the ports bsd.mk files like they have for
>python, cpan or other languages library manager so we could use
>quicklisp and this framework to import libraries easily ! :)
>Kind regards

Hi! :)

Thanks a lot, I'll be happy to be able to count on your help. I'm happy to 
assist with the sbcl port but it's probably something well beyond my current 
skill level. I'll be happy to see a multithreaded sbcl run on OpenBSD once 
again! stumpwm would be lovely as well.

I too have thought about ports and packages for Common Lisp libraries but it 
would need to be carefully designed so that messes like that of Debian don't 
happen in OpenBSD. Quicklisp makes things much easier. There's also cl-launch, 
which some consider to be incredibly useful. It's certainly something to 


Dan Andersen

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