On 2016/10/15 15:26, Andrew Fresh wrote:
> Coro 6.511 includes some patches to support perl 5.24, but it's 
> apparently not enough, but fortunately someone at Debian has a patch for
> the other problem building.
> This update also disables the CORO_JIT because it violates W^X, yay for
> a perl thing that does that I guess!

Hmm - can we take that as an indication that nobody is actually
using p5-Coro, and combining that with the reluctance of upstream to
follow perl updates, remove the port to save us trouble for future

> The current 6.49 port also needs to disable the JIT in order to work, so
> not entirely convinced anyone actually uses this port. 

Anyway the above is a separate question. So please zap the REVISION
line then it's OK sthen@.

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