On 2016/10/16 07:58, Simon Mages wrote:
> > first, nice port.  I would like to test my own code with it.  But you
> > missed the clang dependency.
> Well, i thought that a new port will not be taged for a past release. If
> this is wrong i can
> add the dependency.

I don't understand what you're saying here.

> > bsd,port.mk(5):
> >         Revision number of the current package.  Defaults to empty (very
> >         first package),...
> >
> > Why do you not fixed the missing RCS tags of the portscheck you made?
> What should i fix there? I thought cvs will add
> them on commit.

You should have the "$OpenBSD$" part (with the preceding # in Makefile),
cvs will fill in the committer account, revision, timestamp, etc. Some
of the missing tags were on patches/*; these should be generated with
"make update-patches" which adds the tags for you.

Other comments -


# this port will apply patches to minisat
        cd ${WRKSRC} && ${MAKE_PROGRAM} minisat2-download

You can't do that, package build machines don't have network access.
(Also note that it is unsafe! There is no checking of hash or signature
in their Makefile). It will need to be downloaded by setting DISTFILES
instead, like this


MASTER_SITES0=  http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/m/minisat2/

and 'make makesum' to regenerate distinfo. It will then be untarred
during the extract stage but might not be in the place you need; replace
your pre-build line with any necessary mv and patch commands. Better to
put those in post-patch rather than pre-build. I think this may also
allow you to remove the lwp dependency.


skip this:

+  ifeq ($(origin CC),default)
+    CC     = clang
+  endif
+  ifeq ($(origin CXX),default)
+    CXX    = clang++
+  endif

and use this in Makefile instead:

MODULES=        lang/clang


Put the GH_* bits up where you have DISTNAME (like in Makefile.template).


# 4-clause BSD license

we don't differentiate between versions of the BSD license in these
markers, better to just put "BSD" - if users care about specific
details they should be checking for themselves. (We do have more
specifics for GPL because the different versions are incompatible
with different other licenses).

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