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> =- To ports@openbsd.org wrote on Sat  8.Oct'16 at 11:54:48 +0200 -=
>> Hello ports@,
>> This update devel/libconfuse to 3.0
>> Tested on amd64.
>> It also update HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES because
>> the project moves to github.
> thanks to Rafael Sadowski, I update the patch.
> changes:
> - use V to bump version quickly 
> - homepage with https
> - removed REVISION
> I don't use GH_* because otherwise it needs autoconf and,
> I think, this should be avoided. Wrong?

If a project makes proper releases then yeah, let's use proper releases.

One issue with the diff as is:
-SHARED_LIBS=           confuse 1.0     # .0.0
+SHARED_LIBS=           confuse 1.0

caught my eye.  When upgrading a library, one should verify that no
changes are due wrt the library version.  See
http://www.openbsd.org/faq/ports/specialtopics.html#SharedLibs for more
information.  Here, several functions have been added (that would warrant
a minor bump) and at least struct cfg_opt_t has evolved in an
incompatible way -> major bump. Please bump the library version to 2.0,
and keep a note, after the comment you removed, that upstream is now at

Also, libconfuse is not only used by x11/tilda, did you test the other

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