Solène Rapenne <> writes:

> Le 2016-12-01 16:38, Solène Rapenne a écrit :
>> Le 2016-11-30 21:28, Jeremie Courreges-Anglas a écrit :
>>> Note that the build is silent which is bad.  Adding verbose=1 to
>>> MAKE_FLAGS would have helped to spot an -Os cc flag that shouldn't be
>>> there.  The link step shouldn't use -s since it makes DEBUG=-g 
>>> useless.
>>> This seems to embed lua-5.1, using lua from ports could be nice - if
>>> possible of course.
>>> Back to the purpose of the port, it would be nice to check whether the
>>> generated Makefiles would be usable within the OpenBSD ports tree.
>>> But
>>> are you just looking for feedback or are you actually submitting it
>>> for
>>> inclusion?
>> New version here
>> I would like to submit it for inclusion in the ports tree because it's
>> a
>> dependency of another submission of mine (games/t-engine)
> New version :
> - removing -Os compilation flag
> - DOC link changed in DESCR
> - licence in Makefile

Updated tarball that:
- renames the port directory to premake4
- fixes the offending tests: use ldconfig -r to find libraries available
  on the system.

Patching a lua source file is a bit of a pain here since we have to
regenerate the C files that embed the lua source, hence the XXX comment.

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