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Attached you have security/rhash, a new dependency for CMake-3.8.x


$ pkg_info rhash
Information for inst:rhash-1.3.4

utility and library for computing hash sums

RHash is a console utility and library for computing and verifying
hash sums of files.
It supports CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Tiger, DC++ TTH,
BitTorrent BTIH, ED2K, AICH, GOST R 34.11-94, RIPEMD-160, HAS-160,
EDON-R 256/512, Whirlpool and Snefru-128/256 algorithms.

Maintainer: David Coppa <dco...@openbsd.org>

WWW: http://rhash.anz.ru/


===>  Regression tests for rhash-1.3.4
cd /usr/pobj/rhash-1.3.4/rhash-1.3.4/tests && /bin/sh ./test_rhash.sh --full
Testing /usr/local/bin/rhash
 1. test with text string:      Ok
 2. test with 1Kb data file:    Ok
 3. test handling empty files:  Ok
 4. test default format:        Ok
 5. test %x, %b, %B modifiers:  Ok
 6. test special characters:    Ok
 7. test eDonkey link:          Ok
 8. test all hash options:      Ok
 9. test checking all hashes:   Ok
10. test checking magnet link:  Ok
11. test bsd format checking:   Ok
12. test checking w/o filename: Ok
13. test checking embedded crc: Ok
14. test wrong sums detection:  Ok
15. test *accept options:       Ok
16. test ignoring of log files: Ok
17. test creating torrent file: Ok
18. test exit code:             Ok



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