On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 06:02:56PM -0400, Brian Callahan wrote:
> * Is py-configobj used? I couldn't see anywhere it was being used. And I
> didn't bother installing it and everything seems to work fine.

The reason this is here because I saw FreeBSD had it and I thought I
missed something, but upon further inspection, it was just cruft left
over from a past version that did use it. Silly me.

> * Why use wget for something so trivial? Why not use ftp(1)? The conversion
> is super trivial.

Noted, I patch this in the attached port.

> * NO_TEST=Yes is disingenuous. There is a test.sh and it works just fine
> (wget to ftp conversion needed here too).
> * At least one the the sites run in test.sh no longer exists. Perhaps you
> should talk to upstream about removing it from the tests.

In the attached port, I deal with this by just deleting the
misconfigured pastebin configs. I'll contact the author and try to get
him to fix the broken configs.

make test works for me, now. I also patched it so it actually stops
when there's a failure.

PS Sorry for sending this twice, I didn't Cc ports@ the first time.

Kaashif Hymabaccus
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