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> Hi,
> $ cat pkg/DESCR
> dosfstools consists of the programs mkfs.fat, fsck.fat and fatlabel
> to create, check and label file systems of the FAT family.
> I've been using this for a few months on loongson and macppc (especially
> fsck.fat, which a bit more useful than base fsck_mdos(8)), without any
> particular problem.
> "make test" is OK as well.

Looks good

Here's an updated tarball with the following tweaks:
- detect xxd at "make test" time instead of configure time, and move
  editors/vim,-main to TEST_DEPENDS
- don't use -Wl,--as-needed in LDFLAGS (is there a good reason?).
  Instead, append our current LDFLAGS instead of clobbering them

I'd probably move V above DISTNAME, and EXTRACT_SUFX below MASTER_SITES,
but enough nitpicking for today. :)

Comments?  ok to import?

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