notmuch[1] is "just an email system" for thread-based index, search
and tagging that easily handles large amounts of messages.

It can be used with MUAs and editors like mutt or Emacs to enhance

Previous porting attempts[2] were taken into consideration; this port
provides two packages -main and -emacs as well as the pseudo flavor
no_emacs so people can avoid the Emacs stuff at build and install time.

Ruby is still being picked up automatically by the configure script,
how about putting this into another package or flavor as well?

As already pointed out by jca@ there are some issues left with zlib that
may need fixing on our side.

Attached you can also find logs for failed tests. I'm also looking for
Ruby users to test notmuch; currently the Ruby tests are still skipped:

        786/854 tests passed.
        6 broken tests failed as expected.
        62 tests failed.

Comments? Feedback?


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