Jeremy Evans writes:
> Update to the latest mednafen, reminder from the
> Release notes can be found at:
> Note that the default sound driver now tries to open /dev/audio, set
> "sound.driver sdl" in the config file to get the previous behavior.
> I'm unable to test this, as mednafen no longer runs on my machine,
> neither the previous version nor this update. In both cases, running
> mednafen with any game results in a black window and requires
> kill -9 to exit.  I tested with gcc-only, and the result was the same.
> Is anyone able to get mednafen to work, either with the current version
> or with this update? I know the current version worked when I committed
> it, but I haven't really used it since.

Both mednafen- and mednafen-0.9.46 work fine on my machine.
Mednafen uses OpenGL; could be a graphics driver problem? Have you tried
software rendering (LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1)?

The diff is ok with me.

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