On 2018/02/13 10:09, Thomas Frohwein wrote:
> Thanks for feedback from bentley@
> - moved flags out of CFLAGS/LDFLAGS for libtheoraplay to not mess with mk.conf
> - removed TMI from libtheoraplay/pkg/DESCR
> - made libtheorafile honor CFLAGS and LDFLAGS (will send PR to upstream)
> - make indent white space of variable assignments more economical
> - both packages build and run (libtheoraplay in A Virus Named TOM, 
> libtheoraplay
>   with the test target in ${WRKSRC}/Makefile and local .ogv file. portcheck
>   passes
> Attached new versions - any takers?

Bad distfile name for libtheoraplay, please use the
DISTFILES=sensible-name-1.00{commithash}${EXTRACT_SUFX} mechanism to
rename it.

theorafile, it's down to personal preference, but instead of patching for
"TARGET = so.${LIBtheorafile_VERSION}" you might find it nicer to override
directly like "MAKE_FLAGS = TARGET=so.${LIBtheorafile_VERSION}".

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