On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 12:22:33PM -0500, Jiri B wrote:
> Hi guys,
> landry@ added burp[1] into ports and while searching for
> something easier that bacula/bareos for disk-based backups,
> I found burp and read 'Migrating from Bacula to Burp'[2].
> What are you experiences with burp?

I needed it just for the client (im backuping a bunch of openbsd vms,
the server is on a freenas jail)

> Are you staying with ports version (2.0.54) because it was said
> to be (old) stable which should not change?[3]

The 2.1 branch was only declared stable recently, and this discussion
already happened in https://marc.info/?t=151817944300002&r=1&w=2


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