Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:46:42 -0500 Adam Steen <>
> Hi Stuart
> Thank you that worked perfectly, now for some testing.
> Please note
> pkg-config ->
> is different from
> pkgconf ->
> Cheers
> Adam

Hi Adam,

Please note, in OpenBSD words beginning with pkg are used for package
tools and package related system utilities, e.g. pkg_add & pkglocate.

I would consider a utility using that word as prefix, and not related
to package tools and package utilities for OpenBSD a deterioration of
my user interface, if some "useful" package pulled in a dependency on
this tool you're proposing with a confusing name, that is not related
to the OpenBSD package tools and package management system utilities.

How about not naming a port pkgsomething here pkgconf, unless it does
relate to the OpenBSD pkg tools, maybe configures OpenBSD pkg system?

Instead of polluting any pkg-config with pkgconf, maybe rename both..

Kind regards,
Anton Lazarov

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