Moving from misc to ports.

On 2018/02/23 10:29, csszep wrote:
> Hi!
> I tried to complie strongswan with "kernel-libipsec" plugin fro the same 
> reason....
> The kernel-libipsec plugin provides an IPsec backend that works entirely in 
> userland, using TUN
> devices
> My experience is that there is some work to be done to use, but my C fu isnt 
> strong enough to
> finish.....
> I made a simple patch, for the tun handling:

Oh, that's nice, I'd like to have this working on OpenBSD one way or
another, apart from anything else it makes it easier to test iked/ipsec

I've put a port together based on your diff - no changes to actually
make it work yet but I'll see if I can figure out anything further.

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