On 2018/03/07 17:59, Remi Pointel wrote:
> Hi,
> attached is the port of PlugNPlay: a generic plug-in system for python.
> ---------------------------
> $ pkg_info py-plugnplay
> Information for inst:py-plugnplay-0.5.3

DESCR/COMMENT need tidying:

> Comment:
> a Generic plug-in system for python

lowercase Generic here I think? I have no idea why upstream have random capital

> Description:
> PlugnPLay (PnP) is a Generic plug-in system inspired by Trac???s internal

and here. Also there are UTF-8 chars in here, this does not package on current.

> component management. With PnP you can turn any program into a pluggable
> software very easily.  You just have to define the Interfaces and let others

". " then ".  " - inconsistent spacing.

> implement them. When your code is running you can dynamically retrieve who
> are
> the classes that implement a certain Interface, and call the specific
> methods.

I can sort-of parse this sentence, but it's not really english ;)

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