> On 7 Mar, 2018, at 19:09, Stuart Henderson <s...@spacehopper.org> wrote:
> That is --enable-externalauth, isn't it?

Yup, that’s the one.

> i.e. the only thing it does is set a default in rt-test-dependencies
> which you can override with "rt-test-dependencies --with-externalauth"
> anyway. It doesn't turn any of the rest of the code on or off.

Oh, I didn’t know that — I just looked at the configure script to see what 
option I had to pass to get it to enable LDAP.  I’ll give that a try.

Would it be helpful for me to provide a patch that explains this in the 
post-install message, so that other people who want to do the same thing don’t 
have to rediscover all this?

- William

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