multimedia/mediatomb is dead upstream since a while, relies on
lang/spidermonkey, and has potentially been superseded by

would anyone oppose to its removal ? There are other upnp servers in the
tree, and one can still port gerbera.

There are still 3 ports depending on lang/spidermonkey, which is from
the mozilla 3 days and hasnt been updated since 2010. This is probably
crippled with security issues, so i'd like to work towards removing it.

databases/riak might be updatable, i havent checked to see if it still
relied on this ancient version of spidermonkey.

apache-couchdb isnt maintained in the portstree, very much lagging
behind (upstream is at 1.7.1 or 2.1.1) and there doesnt seem to be much
work on moving to newer spidermonkeys per

if you use couchdb on openbsd in production, speak up. Otherwise it
might just hit the attic..


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