On 04/10/18 17:51, mazoc...@disroot.org wrote:
> Hi!
> Is this happening because of Clang 6 fallout?
> mazocomp$ pkg_add -n mplayer
> quirks-2.418 signed on 2018-04-09T22:17:28Z
> Can't find mplayer
> mazocomp$

Is mplayer still a thing?  Have used it for many years a long time ago,
but now I see the latest stable is 2 years old and nicknamed
"worksforme"…  :-]

I think of mpv as the spiritual successor of mplayer, being the most
successful fork.  Is there anything mplayer does and mpv cannot?  Using
something else (ffmpeg's ffplay) only when in need of best performance
possible on my old hardware here.

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