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>> Is mplayer still a thing?  Have used it for many years a long time ago,
>> but now I see the latest stable is 2 years old and nicknamed
>> "worksforme"…  :-]
>> I think of mpv as the spiritual successor of mplayer, being the most
>> successful fork.  Is there anything mplayer does and mpv cannot?  Using
>> something else (ffmpeg's ffplay) only when in need of best performance
>> possible on my old hardware here.
> Yes, it is.
> MPlayer has less dependencies and also I tested both mpv and mplayer at
> hardware which didn't have 2D acceleration. That was terrible, mpv
> tried to put every frame at screen, so giving 1 minute video to mpv made
> video last 6 minutes, but it could play all audio in 1 minute, so I
> didn't hear any sound last 5 minutes. I didn't notice the same problem
> at mplayer, it played as much frames as possible in 1 minute. Maybe I
> should read mpv's man page, but I like when everything works by default.

OK, I can relate to that…  Give ffplay a try though, it gives me more
performance compared to mplayer/mpv and has even less dependencies (just
install ffmpeg).  It's a very basic player, but it works.

Although I'm not sure what you mean by no 2D acceleration, maybe "-vo
x11" in mplayer/mpv parlance?  Everything I use these days has at least
XVideo support.  Only had to use "-vo x11" when the Linux kernel video
driver was crashing my desktop when waking from resume lately and I
wasn't ready for a reboot to make video acceleration work again.

Got so used with it that I thought it was a hardware issue.  Amazed to
see no problems with waking up in OpenBSD…  Kudos to whoever made that
possible, OpenBSD's ACPI support is alien tech compared to what else is
available in the BSDs, and for me it even beats Linux's implementation.

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