On 2018/04/11 17:17, Pavel Korovin wrote:
> Dear all,
> Please see attached diffs for updates to current devel/py-test and
> related modules:
> devel/py-attrs
> devel/py-hypothesis
> devel/py-pluggy
> devel/py-py
> devel/py-setuptools_scm
> devel/py-six
> devel/py-test
> The new one, devel/py-more-itertools is a new RUN_DEPENDS for py-test
> Added shells/bash as a new TEST_DEPENDS for py-test.
> Removed py-test-xdist and py-twisted from TEST_DEPENDS for py-test, leaving
> only essential modules, hope that's OK; otherwise we'll end up adding
> py-coverage, numpy and other stuff for testing.
> Tested on amd64. Tests are OK except several py-py tests which also fail
> with in-tree py-py.
> On 02/10, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > py-cryptography needs a bit of work, but the test suite now needs newer
> > py-test than we have, and that in turn needs some other updates.
> > 
> > can anyone help testing / getting these in please? i don't have time to
> > test the wider dep chain at the moment.
> -- 
> With best regards,
> Pavel Korovin

Great, thanks very much for looking at this!

For py-more-itertools you have "TEST_DEPENDS=${RUN_DEPENS}"
(missing 'D' in RUN_DEPENDS), with that fixed it's OK sthen@ to import.

For the update diffs, one thing I noticed while reading through, there's
a doubled ${MODPY_COMMENT} in py-hypothesis' pkg/PLIST:

> -${MODPY_COMMENT}lib/python${MODPY_VERSION}/site-packages/hypothesis/utils/${MODPY_PYCACHE}/
> +${MODPY_COMMENT}${MODPY_COMMENT}lib/python${MODPY_VERSION}/site-packages/hypothesis/utils/${MODPY_PYCACHE}/

Other than that it reads well but for ease of testing would you mind
sending a new diff from a common parent directory so it can be applied in
one go please? They're all in devel/, so this would work:

cd /usr/ports/devel
cvs diff py-attrs py-hypothesis py-pluggy py-py py-setuptools_scm py-six py-test

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