Hi Brian,

Brian Callahan wrote on Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 03:52:39PM -0400:
> On 04/15/18 15:41, Anthony J. Bentley wrote:
>> Brian Callahan writes:

>>> Let japanese/groff build again on clang6.
>>> OK?

>> I intend to delete japanese/groff immediately after removing the build
>> dependencies in Wnn and canna.

> Looks like Ingo just pushed the Wnn changes in. So sure let's forget 
> about this and delete it.

The patch for canna is not yet ready, though.  It may take a day
to polish it, another day for review before commit...

I understand bringing down the clang 6 failures is important.
So if you consider OK kn@ sufficient (i wouldn't know why not),
you can as well commit right now and shorten the failure log
sooner rather than later.

Having the best possible version in the attic does no harm.

Even if you would break something at runtime, which seems very
unlikely, harm is minimal in a moribund port.


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