On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 09:45:54PM +0200, Theo Buehler wrote:
> Three things:
> It seems upstream changed the server layout and killed the ftp://
> protocol, at least it isn't reachable from anywhere for me. I tried to
> find an official announcement for this, but gave up after 5 minutes.
> Add a static_cast to appease clang6.
> There is a newer version 1.22.2 available for pgadmin3, but it's no
> longer maintained anyway.  There are lots of warnings that one should
> move to pgadmin4. Since I don't use this, I leave this one to pea :)

yeaaah pgadmin4 is a clusterfuck of moving to a new langage/platform and
requiring a shitload of web stuff, so i guess we'll stay with pgadmin3
for a while :)

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