and the attached tar.gz ?
Missed by that much...

2018-06-12 11:06 GMT-03:00 Elias M. Mariani <>:
> Sending the new version for test.
> The Makefile uses two flavors:
> python3 and test
> So, if you want to install you just run:
> env FLAVOR="" make install
> or
> env FLAVOR="python3" make install
> That generates everything only once.
> if you want to test:
> env FLAVOR="test" make test
> or
> env FLAVOR="test python3" make test
> also building just once but the result is non installable.
> I think is the best choice, if you want to test you build once, if you
> want to install you build once, if you want both... well. just build
> twice...
> Results of the regression tests (using textproc/py-xlrd as a
> dependency test witch I just sent to ports@):
> python2.7 = 2 failed, 24523 passed, 1675 skipped, 79 xfailed, 24
> xpassed, 86 warnings in 76400.37 seconds
> python3.6 = 3 failed, 24619 passed, 1573 skipped, 80 xfailed, 26
> xpassed, 197 warnings in 6313.57 seconds
> both OpenBSD-current, amd64.
> 2 failures are because the tester tries to invoke "python" as a
> command, witch it doesn't (necessarily) exist... Just ignore those
> 2...
> Also notice the difference in test time between py2 and py3... is
> better to use the py3 version to do tests...
> Some skips are hardcoded (wt...) others are because we are missing
> some test-dependencies, keep in mind that this tests cover pretty much
> everything that py-pandas does, just look at the RUN_DEPENDS vs
> TEST_DEPENDS and you get an idea of the magnitude of the test.
> So Edd kindly offered to check it out.
> Ignore the regression tests, the ideal would be to test it in a real
> application to see if really works as the regression tests say.
> Also I have been working on ports for some weeks now, but this is the
> first with some real logic inside, if Stuart or someone can check the
> Makefile to see if some corrections are needed would be great.
> Thanks to all, this pre-port-release was already been made with help
> of several people with examples, advises, warnings, etc.
> Alexandr Shadchin give me his permission to merge our versions in
> openbsd-wip, so, credits to him as well.
> Cheers.
> Elias.
> 2018-06-09 19:17 GMT-03:00 Elias M. Mariani <>:
>> Okey, last update:
>> - patched the docs building system.
>> - while building the docs yo need LOTS of depends and for some reason
>> a X session running (yes... I know...). So, either I am doing
>> something very wrong or this is a nasty way of building docs. I guess
>> that something in the source code uses the backend-gtk part of
>> Matplotlib and that triggers the creation of a cursor... because the
>> hole process uses the actual code working to build the docs... I get
>> lost in this nonsense...
>> My Solution will be: build without any docs, use
>> for that.
>> Build py-pandas normally with setuptools and python3 flavor.
>> Regression tests will be done by re-building the port, so yes, we
>> build the port twice but only for testing, normal build will be done
>> just once.
>> Any ideas or/and OK ?
>> Cheers.
>> Elias.
>> 2018-06-09 15:59 GMT-03:00 Elias M. Mariani <>:
>>>> Not sure if this helps, but the version in openbsd-wip has a (commented)
>>>> block which looks like it does a second (in-place) build to make the
>>>> docs:
>>>> If we really can't get the docs until the package is installed, you
>>>> could use SUBDIRs, and have a doc subdir BUILD_DEPEND on the main
>>>> package.
>>> Yes, but building the same package twice does not sound nice at all.
>>> I will add the py-pandas dependency to build py-pandas-docs, that
>>> seems the best solution overall...
>>> Cheers.
>>> Elias.

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