On 2018/07/10 22:21, Nayden Markatchev wrote:
> Hi ports@,
> Here is a port of a brainfuck interpreter.
> from pkg/DESCR:
> ---
> Brainfuck is a programming language created in 1993 by Urban Muller and
> notable for its extreme minimalism.
> Brainfuck programs are composed as a series of characters. The language
> specification defines eight characters/commands and four areas of
> memory: code, code pointer, memory, and data pointer.
> Although the language is Turing complete, the prohibitively long execution
> time makes brainfuck programs impractical.
> ---
> Comments? OKs?
> Thanks,
> Nayden

Hi, here's a tweaked version;

- in most cases COMMENT doesn't normally refer to the name of the port
itself, relying on the package name for that instead

- use GH_* infrastructure to fetch (the default downloaded filename
without this is not ideal in a directory with lots of other distfiles)

- regen WANTLIB, a change in library linking in base means we use the
"original" name rather than filename for hard-linked libraries

- use ports infrastructure for cmake-based ports (sets up dependencies
and a few other things). one consequence is that upstream's standard
install target installs a static library and header as well, if those
aren't wanted then the simple way to remove them is with "@comment"
in the plist. might as well keep them though I think?

- also install example bf sourcecode

This one is ok sthen@

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